{Happy Hug Day Messages} Hug Day Messages for Girlfriend, Hug Day Messages in Hindi


{Happy Hug Day Messages} Hug Day Messages for Girlfriend, Hug Day Messages in Hindi:- The key to a girl’s heart is through the use of lovely words. Most guys have misconceptions about winning the heart of their crush. Good looks matter, but what you say can mean the most to your lovely girl. Make sure to celebrate this Valentine’s Week with the best hug day messages for girlfriendThis Hug Day you can make it even more special for your girl by sending her lovely hug day messages. You may never realize how much your happy hug day messages can influence a girl. Choose words that make her feel special. Look for words that flatter her beauty and grace. Shower her with all the flattery you can find in this world. When love and Hindi shayari come together, the result can be magical. So you can also send hug day messages in hindi to your beloved to make her feel out of this world. She will be drawn more to you for all the love and care you show her. You could share hug day sms messages with your beloved in so many ways. Why not shower her with messages from all over – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email and even in greeting cards. Here you can find so many message for hug day, you could send a different message across different medium. Send a lovely message on each platform to make her feel loved more.

hug day messages

You may also send SMS messages this Hug Day to let her know how much she matters to you. Hug Day is celebrated on the 12th of February. It is part of the Valentine’s Week when everyone is trying to show their love to their beloved. Remember, the Valentine’s Week is not just for pampering girlfriends and wives with love and gifts. It is also for the girls to show some love in return. So girls should also send lovely hug day messages to their guys. It is not easy to come across a good guy in this age. Make sure to value and cherish his company this Hug Day with the right happy hug day messages.

hug day messages for girlfriend

You can send hug day messages in hindi to let your guy know that he is important in his girl’s life. Don’t be a kitty-cat that loves to get pampered all the time. Show some love in return too and send him some beautiful happy hug day sms messages. You are sure to be showered with more love, flowers and gifts.

happy hug day messages 

Some thing warm and cozy
Just for you
because I love you ..
I am sending u a hug dear.

Just do me a favour,
Put your left hand on your right shoulder and,
your right hand on your left shoulder,
Guess what, I just messaged you a hug
Happy Hug Day!!

I love hugging,
I love hugging,
I wish I was an octopus,
so I could hug 8 people at a time on Hug Day!!

No Matter Where You Are,
I’ll Always Find My Way To,
Hug You Tight And Shower You With My Kisses!!
Happy Hug Day 2017!!

Koi kahe isse Jjadu ki jhappi,
Koi kahe isse pyaar..
Mauka hai khoobsurat,
Aa gale lag ja mere yaar..
Happy Hug Day.

Do you know…
There is one gift which can’t be given
without taking it back…
That is why I give you hug
which can’t be giving without taking it back.
Happy Hug Day !


( . . ) BEAR
( ‘ ” ‘ ) HUG!!
Happy Hug Day to my girl.! 🙂


hug day messages in hindi

hug day sms messages

What the heart gives away is never gone,
but kept in the hearts of others,
from dusk to dawn.
Hug Day you from the core of my heart.
Happy Hug Day!


H- appy feelings shared
U- niversally warm & fuzzy
G- reat 2 give & 2 receive
S- ure 2 make anyone’s day
I hope this
Makes your day brighter.
I Love you more today than I did yesterday,
but not as much as I will tomorow.
I Love you more today than I did yesterday,
but not as much as I will tomorow.
Happy Hug Day!


Koi Kahe Isse Jaadu Ki Jhappi,
Koi Kahe Isse Pyaar..
Mauka Khubsurat,
Aa Gale Lagja Mere Yaar..
Happy Hug Day !
Bole Toh
Hug Day Mubarak..

message for hug day

happy hug day sms messages

happy hug day sms 2017

happy hug day messages 2017
Sending you a hug to ease your stress.
a kiss to make you smile and my heart to say,
I’m thinking of you. i miss you!!
Happy Hug day to u dear


Relationship is like a garden
It’s beautiful when watered with
Love, hug, tears & cheers.
But it dries up if left untouched…
So keep in touch always!
Happy Huge Day my baby queen


1 2,
I Love You, hug Day sms
3 4
Love Me More,
5 6
Give Me Kiss,
7 8
Don’t Be Late,
9 10
Hug Me Then
Happy Huge day my sweetheart


Meaning Of Hugs:-
H- Appy Feelings Shared
U- Niversally Warm & Fuzzy
G- Reat 2 Give & 2 Receive
S- Ure 2 Make Anyone’s Day
I Hope This
Makes Ur Day Brighter.
Happy Huge day my sweetheart


After An Emotional Hug,
Girl whispers to Boy: If You Hug Me once More Like that,
I will be yours forever.
Boy: Thanks

Happy Huge day my sweetheart

happy hug day messages download
Hug You Tight
No matter where you are
I’ll always find my way to?
Hug you tight and shower you with my kisses.
I love only you!
Have a Nice Hug Day.
Happy Huge day my sweetheart


TaLk to me wHen i’m boReD,
kiSS me wHen i’m saD,
hug me wHen i cRy,
caRe for me wHen i diE,
loVe me When i’m sTill Alive.
Happy Huge day my sweetheart


Dekha Hai Jab Se Tumko, Mera Dil Nahi Hai Bu-main
Jee Chahe Aaj Tod Doon Duniya Ki Saari Rus-mein
Tera Haath Chahta Hoon, Tera Saath Chahta Hoon
Baahon Mein Teri Rehna Main Din Raat Chahta Hoon!!

Happy Huge day my sweetheart

happy hug day messages free

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