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Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers - 14 February Valentine Day Wallpaper: Adding great Happy Valentines Day wallpaper to your laptop or desktop can set the mood for 14th February celebrations in a great way. So, we have done the tough work for you and assembled the best Valentines Day wallpapers here for free download. These wallpapers come with HD quality 14 feb valentine day wallpaper, valentines day 2017 wallpaper and valentine romantic wallpaper. So, all you have to do is to find out your favorite Happy Valentines Day wallpaper from out collection here. Simply click on the download button and you can get the best Happy Valentines Day wallpaper for your desktop now. 

14 feb valentine day wallpaper

Valentine Day Images 2016
Valentine Day Images 2017

valentine day wallpaper 2017 

A Valentine's Day Poem For My Wife

My dear partner and wife,
You're the love of my life,
And I love you much more every year.

You are kind, and you're sweet,
And your thinking's so neat,
That I always learn lots from you, dear.

You are generous and charming,
With a smile that's disarming;
You are truly my pride and my pleasure.

All the things that are you
Make my dreams all come true,
And for always your love I will treasure!
By Karl Fuchs

Special Wife:
A Valentine Poem for My Wife

Dear one, you’re my sweetheart,
My companion and my wife;
Please be my Valentine;
Be my partner all through life.

The years will bring life’s beauty,
As my love for you still grows,
Like the rose bush blooms in springtime,
To produce the perfect rose.

When I was young I dreamed
That life could be such fun,
Filled with joy and adventure,
If I could find the one.

Now you're at my side,
At last my dream is true,
I’m a very lucky man
To have a special wife like you!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs


valentine wallpaper pictures

I will be waiting for your love instead of
the heart shaped gifts and cards on this Valentine’s Day because your
love is more important than any other gift in the world. –
Happy Valentines Day My Love!

“Mistress, you know yourself,
down on your knees,
And thank heaven, fasting,
for a good man’s love –
happy valentines day!

Thinking of you! Dreaming of You!
Hugging you! Missing you! Wishing you!
I Love You! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Roses are red, violets are blue I made this card just for you
It’s not the neatest, it wouldn’t pass a test But
it’s made with love–that makes it the best! Happy Valentines Day!

valentine screensavers wallpaper

Perfect Valentine Wife

Each day you fill my heart with love;
My wife, you're a blessing from up above.
I have a partner whose life I share,
A sweetheart who's beyond compare.

You're a wondrous delight, my Valentine,
And I'm very thankful you are mine.
You're cute and smart and caring, too;,
It was my lucky day when I found you.

You're the perfect blend of wife for me;
In my eyes you shine, so I hope you see
How my love for you grows; it's deep and strong,
As we share our days in our own love song.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Ideal Valentine Husband

How can I tell you how much I care,
This year on Valentine’s Day?
Words can’t express the depth of my love,
No matter what I say.

Should I say you’re an ideal husband?
That’s absolutely true.
Or should I fall back on the old standby,
And simply say "I love you?"

No, that won’t do for such a special man,
Not that ordinary stuff.
Nothing I say about how much I feel,
Will ever be enough.

By Joanna Fuchs

valentine day wallpaper 1024x768

Our lives are like a romantic movie played again and again. We flirt, we laugh and we fight – and we do it all over again.

Just like the world’s lucky to have chocolates, I’m lucky to have you as my boyfriend.

Loving you has made me see the beauty of things,.N Now there is a spring in my step for I know that you are there to love me.

valentine desktop wallpaper

Extraordinary Man

On Valentine’s Day,
I’m thinking about what I dreamed of in a husband
before I met you.
Then I married you,
checking everything off my list
and many delightful bonuses as well.
On Valentine’s Day,
I’m grateful to have such an extraordinary man
for my very own.
Please say you’ll be
my Valentine husband forever!

By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Poem For Husband

Happy Valentines Day to my husband;
You’re still the one for me.
Though the years go by, I love you still,
As all the world can see.

You were quite a guy when you caught my eye,
Those many years ago.
Though you’re older now, you’re still "the man."
I just thought you’d want to know.

By Karl Fuchs

valentine pictures wallpaper

Valentine's Day Poem For Grandma

Dear Grandma, you have always been to me
A giver of sweet, unconditional love,
A soft and gentle presence in my life,
My angel, who was sent from heaven above.

I want to tell you now, on Valentine's Day,
I love you, and I think you're really great;
You're everything a grandmother should be;
A cherished person I appreciate!

By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine's Day Poem For Grandparents

Grandma and Grandpa, you're my Valentine;
You make a difference in my life each day;
Because I have your unconditional love,
You've given me a gift I can't repay.

If I could make the world a better place,
If there were just one thing that I could do,
To make each person happy and at peace,
I'd give them all grandparents just like you!

By Joanna Fuchs

wallpaper valentine day

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.

A man is a little thing while he works by and for himself; but when he gives voice to the rules of love and justice, he is godlike. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve fallen in love many times… Always with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Drop everything now, Meet me in the pouring rain, Kiss me on the sidewalk. Take away the pain, cause I see, sparks fly whenever you smile.

I promise to be there when you need me, I promise to hug you tight when you’re lonely, I promise to wipe your tears when they fall and I promise to keep you, not for the rest of my life but for the rest of yours.

free valentine wallpaper

Remembrance Valentine
I may be no more than a child to you.
You may think I don’t know anything, but I do.
I think you’re great, and you’re real nice to know,
So I’m saying this now, for recall, while I grow.
Happy Valentines Day from your loving niece/nephew.  
By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Dad

I’m thinking of you on Valentine’s Day;
I love and admire you, Dad.
I’ll always remember and cherish a lot
The good times that we had.

You were the very first man in my life,
You showed me how good men should be.
I’m grateful that you’re my father, Dad,
So Happy Valentine’s Day, from me.

By Joanna Fuchs

Wonderful Daughter:
A Daughter Valentine Poem

You’re a wonderful daughter;
You fill me with pride.
Are you smarter or prettier?
I can never decide.

You’re a very special person,
So on Valentines Day,
I'm saying I love you
In every way.

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

free valentines day wallpaper

Some people say they want a Prince Charming, But I on the other hand, Say I don’t. That’s because I have a guy a billion times better than that. I love you more each Valentine’s Day.

Your smile lifts my heart and your hugs cure my soul. Thank you for being beside me.

I’ve fallen in love many times… And it’s always with you.

Baby, every time I look at you, it’s like the first time. I get butterflies, feel like I’m on cloud 9 and know it’s true love! I love you with all my heart and all my mind.

free valentine wallpaper for desktop

Valentine Daughter:
A Valentine's Day Poem for Daughter

You’re my wonderful daughter,
The gem of my life.
A joy and a pleasure,
Through good times and strife.

I love how you chip in,
When there’s work to be done.
I love your cute laugh,
When you’re just having fun.

I love everything about you,
And that’s why I say,
Be my Valentine daughter,
Every Valentines Day!

By Karl and Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Doll

Of all the games I used to play
When I came home from school each day,
Playing a mother was my favorite one;
I’d play with my dolls and have lots of fun.

Now I'm a real mom, and I still love to play
With my real live doll named______ each day.
I love my Valentine dolly who’s living
And walking and talking, and loving and giving.

So daughter, as I watch you grow,
I’ll love you more, and I want you to know,
My heart is yours, honey, come what may,
Every day of the year, not just Valentine’s Day.

By Joanna Fuchs

wallpaper valentines day

Every day that goes by, it seems like I discover something new about you to love. It’s incredible to me how one person can make such a difference in my life.

Every moment I spent with you… is like a beautiful dream come true.

You are the only man I dream about at night and the only one with whom I want to wake up in the morning. Please turn my dreams into a reality.

Love would never be a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with the light of faith, the water of sincerity, and an air of passion.

valentines day desktop wallpaper

The moment you came into my life, I discovered myself once again. You made me a better person and changed my life for good. Thanks for being with me forever.

My greatest fear in life is that one day, we will pass each other on some street like two strangers. Let’s stay together. Happy Valentine’s Day.

If you wake up one day and were asked to have a wish, what would it be? Mine would be that our love would last until you see an apple in an orange tree. I Wish You Happy Valentines Day My Love
You are as amazing to me now as the first moment we met. Our love only grows with each passing day.

I need someone like you to make my life worth living. Will you be my Valentine?

If life is a song then you have filled it up with the melody of love and compose it with tunes of happiness and immense joy. Happy Valentines Day My Sweet Heart.

Valentines Day Wallpapers free for Him
Valentines Day Wallpapers free for Him

Valentines Day Wallpapers 2017 free for Him

Cover My Family: A Valentine Prayer

Dear Lord,
On Valentine's Day
I pray that You will
cover my family
with Your grace and protection.
I pray that You will
draw each one of them
ever closer to You,
supporting them,
encouraging them,
being always with them
as they go through
life's ups and downs.
I pray that You will
help them, love them,
make them Yours.
In Jesus' name I pray; amen

By Joanna Fuchs

God's Valentine Gift

God's Valentine gift of love to us
Was not a bunch of flowers;
It wasn't candy, or a book
To while away the hours.

His gift was to become a man,
So He could freely give
His sacrificial love for us,
So you and I could live.

He gave us sweet salvation, and
Instruction, good and true--
To love our friends and enemies
And love our Savior, too.

So as we give our Valentines,
Let's thank our Lord and King;
The reason we have love to give
Is that He gave everything.

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Valentine Day Wallpapers

valentine special wallpapers

Even after the roses fade, and through all the seasons of our life, I know our love will last. I love you, my special Valentine.

Love can be expressed in many ways.
One way I know is to send it across the distance
to the person who is reading this.
Some memories will never end .
Some broken hurt will never mend,
Some tears will never dry and .
My love for you will never die.
Love is Happiness of Today
Promise of Tomorrow
So this Warm Note comes to You,
To Say that Live Life with a heart full of Love
Happy Valentine’s Day Dear.

You are my love & You are my valentine…
I do love you & it’s true,
I never knew my life without YOU
I wanna live but it’s only with YOU
Please be my valentine, I will hold you forever.

Thanks for growing old with me.
Thanks for making it so easy for me
Life is short but we’re making the most of it.
Thanks for being my lifetime Valentine.

Valentine Day Wallpapers 2016

Valentine Day Wallpapers 2017

Valentines Day Wallpapers free for Him 

Never kiss a policewoman.
She will say “stop and hands up“.
Never kiss a nurse she will say “next plz. “
Always kiss a teacher,She will say “repeat it 10 times.”
With this Kiss, I reveal all my
thoughts and feelings about you
that I have withheld for so long.
I feel when I am with you ,I am like a Kiss,
not because of it’s beauty,
but because I am able to bloom and grow with you…

Happy Valentine Day 2016 Wallpapers

Happy Valentine Day 2017 Wallpapers

valentine wallpaper

Love is a command
That Christians are called to do;
Our Lord says "Love your God,
And love your neighbor, too."

Some people are easy to love;
They are human rays of sun;
They light up every life,
And encourage everyone.

You are in that group,
So I sincerely want to say:
You are often in my thoughts;
Happy Valentine's Day!

By Joanna Fuchs

Love from Jesus

This Christian Valentine message
sends you love I got from Jesus,
love I learned from the gospels,
found in His words,
His actions, His example.
This Christian Valentine saying
conveys love I didn't have
before I was saved,
couldn't relate to or understand
before I gave my life to the Lord.
On Valentine's Day,
know that I love you and want to
lift you up, encourage you and serve you.
Happy Valentine's Day!

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Valentine Day Wallpaper 2016

Happy Valentine Day Wallpaper 2017

valentines day wallpaper

What Valentine Can I Give Him?

What can I give to Jesus
On this special Valentine's Day?
How can I tell Him I'll love Him,
And follow Him, come what may?

How can I show I need Him?
Should I send a red heart, with lace?
How can I thank Him enough
For his sacrifice, love and grace?

What Valentine can I give Him,
My adoration to impart?
I'll give to Him what He wants most;
I'll yield to Him my heart.

By Joanna Fuchs

Twice As Sweet

On Valentines Day, we show our love;
We express our deep affections.
Those who are important to us
Get cards and sweet confections.

But Christian love is not just for
The ones we hold most dear;
Jesus said "love everyone;"
He made that very clear.

For Christians, it is every day
We should care and love and serve
Everyone we meet in life,
Whether they do or don't deserve.

Let's follow Jesus' good command
To love everyone we meet.
Valentine's Day every day
Will make life twice as sweet.

By Joanna Fuchs

Photos of Valentines Day 2016
Photos of Valentines Day 2017

valentine day hd wallpaper

Love Him

On Valentine's Day, I'm reminded
that the love, affection and hopes
I have for you
are derived from the love I have for Him,
our Lord and Savior,
because he showed the ultimate love
for you, me, all of us.
I really want to uplift you, serve you,
enrich your life,
because I love Him,
and that's what He wants us to do.
On Valentine's Day,
I'm praying for you
that your every prayer is answered,
that your every holy wish comes true
because you love Him.

By Joanna Fuchs

Valentines Day Images with Quotes
Valentines Day Images with Quotes

 Happy Valentines Day Wallpapers free for Him

Role Model Valentine
We cannot be perfect,
but we must keep trying
to emulate our Lord.
Having good role models
helps us to do better.
On Valentine's Day
We think of those
whose example
we try to follow.
On Valentine's Day,
we are thinking of you.
By Joanna Fuchs

The Lord's Valentine

I'm glad the Lord chose you
As His Valentine for me,
And when I search your eyes
Christian love is what I see.

A love that gives its all
No matter what the price,
A love that gives a glimpse
Of heavenly paradise.

Dear Valentine, I'm joyful
To know that you are mine,
And that our Christian love
Is sacred, blessed, divine.

By Joanna Fuchs
Valentines Day Photos 2016
Valentines Day Photos 2017

valentine day wallpaper 2017

Valentine's Day Is for Christian Love

Valentine's Day is for honoring love;
To show those we love we care.
Red hearts with tender sentiments
We send, our love to share.

So on Valentine's Day we're reminded
Of our very first Christian goal:
To love the Lord with all our heart
And all our mind and soul.

To love our neighbor as ourselves
We are also told to do,
So let's live our love by the Bible;
It's God's word, flawless and true.

If we give this Christian Valentine first,
We'll never run out of love,
For infinite love will come to us
From God in heaven above.
By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Day Wallpaper free download
Valentine Day Wallpaper free download

valentine day wallpaper download

Love In Christ

On Valentine's Day,
I think of my Christian brothers and sisters
with love...
hoping to help,
hoping to encourage.
hoping to serve,
as Jesus commanded.
I want you to know
that I am thinking of you,
and I want you to call on me
for help, encouragement and service
whenever you need me.
On Valentine's Day,
I send my love in Christ.

By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Divine

When Jesus Christ decided to
Give us a Valentine,
He followed His Father's orders--
The task God did assign.

He gave Himself, His life, His all,
For this special Valentine,
Knowing He would change the world;
Real love He'd redefine.

It's sacrifice we need to give
To a beloved Valentine;
When we do that, we get a glimpse
Of the holy and divine.

Oh Lord, please help us be like you,
With every Valentine.
When we love each other as You did,
It's then that we're really Thine.

By Joanna Fuchs

Valentine Day Images 2016
Valentine Day Images 2017

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